KCP Pumps

E & G Concrete Pumps is the exclusive agent and distributor for KCP Pumps in Southern Africa.

Our mission is to equip businesses with highly efficient hydraulic and electrical systems that are tailored to their needs.

With our expertise and KCP Pump’s top-of-the-line products, we strive to provide the most streamlined solutions possible for your concrete pumping needs.

About KCP Pumps

KCP Pumps is a company that is passionate about creating the most streamlined hydraulic and electrical systems possible. Their goal is to provide equipment that is easy to operate and maintain without any computerised controls, making troubleshooting quick and easy.

As leaders in their industry, KCP Pumps has seen exponential growth on a global scale since their genesis in 2001, with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, and a North American division in British Columbia, Canada, established in 2006.

Their accomplishments include the world’s first-ever 65m boom pump and the largest placing boom in the world, among others.

KCP Pumps believes in providing simple and functional solutions to satisfy all concrete pumping needs, with simplicity as a core value. They understand the importance of providing equipment that makes money and combine their simple hydraulic and electrical systems with a dedicated support team to ensure far less downtime.

KCP Pumps strives to exceed their customers’ expectations by realising the future of concrete pumping before it happens, with reliable and friendly support from a team of dedicated professionals.